studded sneakers……YES PLEASE.

Long before I was obsessed with boots, I was a hardcore sneaker freak.  I loved love sneakers,trainers and refused to wear dress shoes to bars/clubs.  Like many people I always questioned the doorman/bouncer, “Why is it I can’t wear my sneakers which A) are not RUNNING SHOES! (i’m not wearing shoes from the gym!)  B) Are CLEANER and SHINY-er  than any dress shoe in line.  C) funny enough probably cost more than most dress shoes and D) I wanna dance in sneakers NOT wingtips. (no offense to wingtip-wearers cos I luv em just not to dance in!) my apologies for the rant. not sure what came over me. lol. where was I oh yeah…ya know when you see something in pictures but it doesn’t grab you till you see the real thing? Well I saw these Diet Butcher Slim Skin Hi-tops months ago but it wasn’t till I caught a glimpse of them on a dude this weekend on the streetcar that made me go bananas! It’s not every day you see a studded high-top of this calibre. (honorable mentions go to the Nike Terminator Heavy Metal and the Supra Studded Skytop) also pictured.

diet-butcher-slim-skin-white fulldiet-butcher-slim-skin-white-back Diet Butcher Studded Highnike_terminator_heavymetalpack1Supra Footwear NS Skytop - Black Studded

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