the Boss and Brando wore one…

This could be the perfect leather motorcycle jacket.  American label Schott known for producing arguably the most iconic leather jacket, appropriately called the “Perfecto” has just released a limited edition jacket at Barneys New York. The original perfecto was worn by Dee Dee Ramone, Marlon Brando in “the Wild One” and Bruce Springsteen on the cover of his “Born to Run” album.  The special edition has been dubbed the “One Star” (named after the trademark brass star on the left shoulder epaulet). The jacket comes in a black horse hide and brown cowhide version.  The best part is it’s a “washed” edition which means it’s already got the worn-in vintage feel, with a modern snug fit. leather. fitted. worn. killer.

Something tells me this jacket won’t be a part of the black friday mark-downs.  of course I’m guessing there won’t be any left anyways! I gots to get to NYC pronto! as in yesterday.                   source

Brando from "the Wild One"Perfecto blackPerfecto brownBruce Born to Run album

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