how to make it…

first off thank you to Marco for allowing me to crash on his couch for five hours while I watched the first season of How to Make it in America.  I thought I was going to just check out the pilot to see what all the buzz was about but then I couldn’t stop watching.

The HBO show is brought to you by the same producers of Entourage but in my opinion “How to Make it“ is a lot more “east coast” then Vincent Chase and the boys. Much like Sex in The City, New York City itself plays a large role in establishing the feel and of course the look of the show. I found that it wasn’t like a LOST episode where it grabs you by the heart and screams WAIT TILL YOU SEE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT EPISODE!! or has you saying WHAT THE ***K IS GOING ON??  How to Make it in America has a less aggressive obvious appeal but is enjoyable nonetheless.

the only way I can describe it is LASTNIGHTSPARTY meets Entourage meets a guy’s version of Sex and the City.

The whole first season of How To Make It In America (8 Episodes) is on TMN on demand here in the Great White North. so check it and let me know what you think.

worst case scenario- u hate it.

best case scenario- you’ve found your new favorite show.

pic, Eric Liebowitz HBO

ps. yes thats Kid Cudi.

did I mention the opening sequence is aaaamazing?

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