Bedouin for H&M…

the good ole boys of Bedouin Soundclash played a sweet impromptu gig at the Queen Street H&M last week for the Fashion Against Aids charity. The event marked the release of the latest Fashion Against Aids collection which was fittingly inspired by music festival style. It was a fun night of shopping (a la 20% off your purchase), good eats (sliders, sweet potato fries, grilled cheese with bacon and my personal favorite chocolate covered licorice!) and good ole heineken. 😉

The Bedouin guys, Jay, Eon and Sekou put it down as per usual, and judging by there excitement from just recording their upcoming album with famed producer King Britt, there upcoming album will no doubt be some next-level sh**t.

good times.

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  1. This party was a hit despite the fact that it was pouring outside! I sadly missed the performance (the pics are awesome by the way) but I did take advantage of the 20% off and supported a great cause!!!

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