Diesel Black Gold…

The folks at Diesel were nice enough to host a live screening of the Diesel Black Gold runway show during the recent New York Fashion week.  I have to say they really know how to throw a morning brunch.

I loves me a chocolate covered strawberry in the morning.

Diesel Black Gold scarves were made on-site while the show was going on. very nice.

Nice spread.

a nice collage of celebrity portraits taken during the Toronto International Film festival by fashion photographer Raphael Mazzucco.

All the pieces in the lounge were from the Diesel Home Collection, nice lamps from the Diesel for Foscarini collection.

my favourite by far  has to be the Chesterfaux print pillows and throw.

Presentation time!

Here is Miss Erin channeling Vanna White.

here’s the “watching runway show shot” lol (courtesy of Erin)

Christina we were supposed to be serious!!!!

here are my favorite looks from the show…

Love the vibrant “blue” in this look.

nice “scarf technique”.

very “young-Bowie-bohemian-chic”

Love Freja.

just sayin….

More points for the neckwear detail.

nice distressed leather.

Photos by Yannis Vlamos courtesy of GQ.com

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