We Are All Fanatics @ Levi’s Photo Workshop…

I had the pleasure of going to the “We Are All Fanatics” event held by Levi’s at their recently opened Photo Workshop, and let me tell you- it was good times.

Not only did they have the Lions & Jets game projected on the wall (which actually ended up being a really good game), they actually brought in bleachers( and artificial turf!) to really give the “watching the game” feel.  Hotdogs were being grilled out front, there was Popcorn, along with “electrolyte replenishing” gatorade, and cotton candy was everywhere!

In keeping with the photographic theme, the works of Naomi Harris and personal fave Richard Kern were displayed around the space.  Naomi’s works were centered around the tailgating experience while Kern’s photos were of the cast of Eastbound and Down for Vice Magazine.

After throwing my arm out trying to throw fastballs at the pitching cage, I indulged in some serious camera envy at the most amazing vintage camera rental wall.

I wish I had stayed for the screening of the season finale of Eastbound & Down, actor Steve Little (who plays Kenny’s sidekick Stevie) and Efren Ramirez (Kenny’s neighbor) came out as did Nick Zinner, Cheryl Dunn, and mister John Mayer (who brought silly bandz for Aniela!….jk)

My thanks to Miss Levi’s herself Melsa for bringing me to the event and for her very generous BrooklynmeetsClifton hospitality (and for the Cafe Habana – mmm mm mm) .

special mention goes to Milo for lending me his pants!

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