oooooo headphones…

check out the TMA-1 dj headphones by AIAIAI, they are a minimalistic matte black headphones developed by both designers and preeminent DJs.

The name apparently is taken from a scientific phenomenon in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. I love the clean design and the super-sick matte black colorway is soooo sweet.

First off, check out the packaging.

nice diamond studded foam….

love the details….

they come with a zippered carrying case and an extra set of foam earpieces (so you can choose between foam or leather earcups)

the 1.5 meter cable comes with a mini jack plug(for your ipod etc.)  and a 6.3 mm adaptor at the end of the wire ( for your hi-fi needs)

did I mention the sound is as awesome as the aesthetics?


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