TOMMY & dinner…. & beer…

WHAT: Dinner hosted by FTs Jeanne Beker celebrating the launch of TOMMY- an edgier, younger, diffusion line from Tommy Hilfiger.

WHERE: Parts & Labour

WHO: VJs, Editors, and Fashion Peeps.

This past wednesday I had the pleasure of attending the dinner, which involved an amazing 6 course meal (pics to follow) Yummmmy, followed by a performance by MUCH VJ Jesse Giddings’s band Brighter.

my name card.


Jeanne Intro.

un poisson.

(in retrospect the food snaps would have been better had I not devoured pieces of the dish, my apologies to Chef Matty Matheson for disturbing his wonderful plating!)

the tender loin beef was aaaaaaamazing. I had two! (my thanks to SNP for being vegetarian lol)

Kevins‘s awesome sweater!

a little fuzzy, but Sarah’s too sweet not to post.

(*post staring contest pic*)

my thanks to Jason for the following pic.

pic from WIREIMAGE.

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