Jack Purcell. Spring 2014…


If the classic Chuck Taylor isn’t your speed, well you might wanna consider some Jack Purcells this spring.  They’ve still got that clean and classic aesthetic and the upcoming spring ’14 collection has got some keepers.

check em out.

Jack_Purcell_Pocket_Square_Jack_Dozar_Blue_1_original-600x375 Jack_Purcell_Post_Applied_Egret_original-600x375 Jack_Purcell_Tortoise_Jack_Black_1_original-600x375 Jack_Purcell_Jack_Old_Silver_original-600x375 Jack_Purcell_Post_Applied_Navy_original-600x375 Jack_Purcell_Tortoise_Jack_Old_Silver_original-600x375

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