Concrete Runway via STREETFSN…

hat game is always on.


the “Wooster”.


that hat though.


I like the bandana neck tie move.



nice bomber.


I’ve never seen the Westwood Mountain hat in black….me likey.



I wanna see more of the black leather backpack.


Olive or military green? either way.  *thumbs up*


Visvim Lhamo Shirt (on my grail list in a size 3)


that extra white vest layer move is next level.


and extended length bomber has been on my list since last winter….


indigo goodness.


high waisted action from “Her” done right.


light blue and tan combo maneuvers.


white T and denim done right.


“You look cool”

“No you look cool”

“No YOU….


pics via STREETFSN

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