The Nike Lunar TR1 Experience…

I was recently  lucky enough to be invited to the release of Nike’s newest and lightest lunar trainer – The Lunar TR1.  Now this was no regular shoe release this was more of a shoe experience.   It all began with a luxurious bus ride complete with healthy mango smoothies and trail mix – clearly this was fuel for what was to come.  Little did we know we were being driven to The Fitness Institute  – former NHL star Gary Roberts’ high performance NHL training centre-  to go through a workout led by Gary Roberts himself.

First we were led to a changeroom with some nice personalized lockers!  Inside was a very nice surprise—>

  • a Nike training bag
  • a Swoosh water glass
  • Lunar TR1 gym towel
  • Pro combat training top
  • compression shorts
  • training shorts
  • dri-fit socks
  • post workout nike slides
  • a special Kiehls gift pack
  • and of course the Lunar TR1.

  I was stoked to learn that Gary Roberts was going to put us through a workout, after introductions and a brief catchup on all that Gary has done recently when it comes to helping pro athletes perform at their best, Gary said that he had someone that was also going to help out with the session — in walks Steve Stamkos!!

6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 15 16Afterwards Gary and Steve showed us some of the more advanced equipment that the pros like Steve use to optimize performance.


If that wasn’t cool enough, we were treated to a well balanced organic post-workout meal, talk about the full ‘pro’ experience!


..heading home, obviously using social media to brag about what just happened…..


I’ve been using the TR1 at the gym for the last week and I’ve gotta say it’s become one of my favourite training shoes!  If your workout involves any type of lateral movement or plyomertrics/crossfit maneuvers than you will truly appreciate the extra lateral support and lightness of the shoe.

Sooooo goood.

Many thanks to Nike and High Road  for putting together such an amazing experience.



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