GEAR – Need a new wireless headset for the gym?

Check out the new Jabra Sport Wireless headphones.  Admittedly I was unaware that Jabra (with whom I only equated with cellular headsets) was in the high performance headphone game, but I was gifted a pair a couple months ago and have been using these puppies at the gym ever since.  I love to mix a bunch of different cardio elements into my weight training, and the fact that these headphones are wireless is a BIG plus in my book.

After testing these out over the last couple months here are my review notes.


Things I liked:

1) Love that they are weather & shock proof.

2)I’ve never really found a pair that fit well and don’t slide off when I am running, skipping, rowing – these stayed in no matter the activity.

3) I’m diggin the fact that there is a built in FM radio – sometimes you get tired of your own playlist and just want something random off the radio (perfect for outdoor running).

4) I like the fact that the headphones actually tell you when they are on, you actually hear a voice through the headset that says “Power On”, “Connected”, or “Power Off”.

5) Really good clarity when using them as handsfree headphones when answering your phone. Friends and family have said they couldn’t tell whether I was using my cellphone headset or the headphones.

6) good price point for BT wireless headphones – about $100 bucks.


Things I didn’t like:

1) I found the changing and skipping tracks not as intuitive as I would have liked, also it would be nice if I could access Siri on my iphone, through the headset.

2) Battery life could use an improvement, although for the gym the headsets 3.5-4 hours music time is more than enough for a long workout or run.


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