Alexander Wang x H&M Recap…


Now that the Alexander Wang x H&M collaboration has come and gone, I thought I would share my “AW x H&M adventure.”  I was just as excited as everyone else when the collaboration was first announced, because as expected it was right up my athletically-inspired-alley. When I recieved the invite to a special pre-shop the night before the collection was released I immediately put together a mental “checklist”–Number one on that list was the black parka!  I tried to arrive early because of the anticipated “thirst” for the collection and when I got there I was happy to be in the second group of 30.   The line was composed of mostly women, I would say it was a 3 to 1 ratio of women to men.  While waiting in the store, we were treated to sliders, cocktails and pizza – fuel for the “chaos” that we were about to enter no doubt.    I have to say my heart couldn’t help but beat faster as they started to clear out the first group.  Did I mention each group had TEN Minutes to shop? The pressure was on!   As I got in to the “area” I immediately searched for the parka -No Luck.  Next on my wishlist -the Moto hoody, but again no dice.  Rolling with the punches I grabbed the second last pair of boxing gloves the last two regular scuba hoodies and cropped scuba pants.  I also lucked out and scored the leather slides in my size! Boom! And just like that, the ten minutes were up. *WHEW*

Here’s my wishlist scorecard:


At first I was disappointed I struck out on the top two items on my wishlist but once getting the gear home, and having time to try on the pieces and take a closer look, I was really impressed with the quality of the clothing.  I love the black hardware on the pieces, the sporty seams and little details like the dust bags most of the items came with.  The hangers themselves had a matte black look with an almost rubbbery finish on them –so dope.  Thanks to all the good people at H&M for the experience and I’ve got to say, this has got to be my favourite collaboration to date.

Now check out the details.

Wang-1 Wang-2 Wang-3 Wang-4 Wang-5 Wang-6

Wang-7 Wang-8 Wang-9 Wang-10 Wang-11

Wang-13 Wang-14 Wang-15Wang-20 Wang-21 Wang-22

Wang-17 Wang-18 Wang-19


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