Kanye’s off his denim game….Rihanna looks nice…who’s this Paul guy?



For the record I am indeed a Yeezy fan, and I do like the new Rihanna, McCartney & Kanye track (Hence the post).  But what is going on with Kanye’s distressed jean jacket? I am all about worked-in distressed denim but something about Kanye’s look is not working for me-  Seems a little too distressed-on-purpose like a bad Hulk costume.


Rihanna looks good though.


Don’t get it twisted I like Kanye’s style a lot, in fact the following picture has been the reason I always check out the Levi’s vintage jean jackets’ selection at vintage shops— because I have yet to find that perfect “vintage blue” (which is when the jacket is old enough to have faded to a lighter blue but still have the darker original indigo on the right sections.)

k1Here’s a couple reminders of when Kanye’s denim-game was on the mark.

k2 k3 k4 k5


“I woke up an optimist……..”




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