Have ya seen the @Vogue Derek Zoolander Spread? It’s #derelique


US Vogue. February 2016.

If you can’t wait for Zoolander No.2 to hit theatres February 12th,  then this “little” Vogue editorial should help with your Derek Zoolander fix.  Co-stars Penelope Cruz and Ben Stiller re-create iconic fashion photographs and grace the cover of the upcoming February issue.

I can’t believe it’s been 15 years since the last “walk-off.”


ben-stiller-penelope-cruz-vogue-cover-february-2016-zoolander-2-01ben-stiller-penelope-cruz-vogue-cover-february-2016-zoolander-2-02 ben-stiller-penelope-cruz-vogue-cover-february-2016-zoolander-2-03ben-stiller-penelope-cruz-vogue-cover-february-2016-zoolander-2-04 ben-stiller-penelope-cruz-vogue-cover-february-2016-zoolander-2-05 ben-stiller-penelope-cruz-vogue-cover-february-2016-zoolander-2-06

Via Vogue

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