#BringYourGame Session 4…



 #BringYourGame Session #4 : “Immediate Impact”

This week’s training session was inspired by the play of New Orleans Pelicans powerhouse Anthony “The Brow” Davis.  The Nike+ experts Coach Carter (@GalaxyTraining) and Dr. Marc Bubbs (@DrBubbs) put us through an intense workout which really challenged not only our bodies but also our minds.  The footwork and backboard “keep-up” drills really brought back “retro” memories of past basketball practices while the “touch light” reaction drills really gave the workout a cutting edge Pro-level quality.


Many thanks to @nike for allowing us to train in the yet-to-be-released Nike Air Audacity.  The shoe features a Max Air bubble unit which provided ultimate impact cushioning and stability while the mesh overlay upper made the shoe unbelievably light. I was immediately impressed with how comfy the shoe felt on first wear and there was no “work-in” period -these were good to go from the get go.

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“Cheers”  – Post workout recovery shake.


Many thanks to Wellness Chef Andrew @FoodDivo for the delicious post-workout meal, and to Charlie @doncharleone
and Jamal @jayscale for the pics.


Had to end it with the “Tebow-Dab” kneel down.

Go Panthers!

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