🚻 The Met Gala Washroom is where it all goes down ….⚡️


I’m a big fan of photographer Cass Bird, and recently she was tapped by Vogue to shoot the washroom madness at this year’s Met Gala.  I find these shots way more interesting than the red carpet monotony.

Check em out.




met-gala-bathroom-cass-bird-021 met-gala-bathroom-cass-bird-041 met-gala-bathroom-cass-bird-051 met-gala-bathroom-cass-bird-061 met-gala-bathroom-cass-bird-071 met-gala-bathroom-cass-bird-081 met-gala-bathroom-cass-bird-091 met-gala-bathroom-cass-bird-101 met-gala-bathroom-cass-bird-111 met-gala-bathroom-cass-bird-121 met-gala-bathroom-cass-bird-131 met-gala-bathroom-cass-bird-141 met-gala-bathroom-cass-bird-151 met-gala-bathroom-cass-bird-161 met-gala-bathroom-cass-bird-171 met-gala-bathroom-cass-bird-181

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