👑 Crown League Wrap-up👑

0A0A6325The last couple months have been fun because Nike Crown League was goin’ on in Toronto.  Watching such high-level basketball, reminded me of all the ‘Hoop Dreams’ I had as a kid.  Many of you have asked “What’s this Crown League thing”?  Put simply, it’s an offseason Pro League put on every summer by Nike in Toronto.  Some guys play pro overseas, some are playing Division 1 college here and stateside, and some even play in the NBA.  If you love watching basketball this made for some fun fridays! Did I mention it was free? (You just had to reserve spots through nike when they were released) Sadly it’s over but check out the video below to see what you missed (or witnessed if you came).

If you missed out, good news….

there’ always next year.😉


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