⚡️The Levi’s Tailor Shop – Toronto⚡️

I was recently invited to customize a jacket at the Levi’s Tailor Shop at CF Toronto Eaton Centre.  I had no idea how crazy the level of customization options available to me (and you) were but I found out really quickly that you can do A LOT of things to your jean jacket.  Not only can u repair, alter or hem your denim but you can really add some unique customizations to new or existing denim from your closet.  ALL the following custom options discussed in this post can be done on new denim (jeans or jackets) AND also on your favourite pair of jeans/jacket.  I know I’ve got a ton of old denim that I can’t wait to breathe new life into with the help of new add-ons- especially custom chain stitching! I first decided on the jacket – an extended length Sherpa Trucker jean jacket. Then with the help of Tanya (@theBergeofficiel) who was the master tailor/designer, I started thinking about what to customize.  At the shop, there are a multitude of options available to you, including custom distressing, embroidery, chain-stitching, ready made patches, custom patches, enamel pins, you can even choose to swap out your buttons for specific coloured ones! I decided on some custom embroidery bird artwork (that I actually have as a tattoo on my back) for the back and some chain stitching of my name on the front of the jacket. After finalizing design, I left the jacket with Tanya to work her magic.  The following video is a little something I put together documenting some of the process.

Many thanks to Levi’s for a great experience! 🙏🏼

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